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Improved Technique for Correcting Hammertoes

Hammertoes and curled toes often are the cause of corns and irritations that produce pain when wearing shoes. Traditionally hammertoes were corrected by removing a part of the bone and inserting a pin into the toe. The recovery period was often long and painful.

All of this has changed for my patients. I use a minimally invasive surgical technique in my office, which allows for the correction of curled toes and hammertoes without the need to disturb the bone. No pin is needed and no stitches are used. All that is required is a few drops of a local anesthetic and in less than 10 minutes, patients have straight, comfortable toes. My patients are able to put on their own shoes, walk out of my office, and go about their business.

Patients are constantly telling me that if they had known how easily their sore feet could have been helped, they would have done it years ago. Experience has shown that by utilizing this modern procedure, patients are able to enjoy comfortable feet in record time.

Call for an appointment to see if this modern technique can help you. I will be happy to discuss your particular needs.


Dr. William D. Tenney Podiatrist

Foot Specialist