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Dr. William D. Tenney Podiatrist

Heel pain, often called heel spur syndrome or plantar fasciitis, is one of the most common problems I see in my practice. It is a painful affliction, often restricting one’s ability to participate in exercise activities. It can be a misery for people who must be on their feet at work. Heel pain is often at it’s worst with the first few steps in the morning or first weight bearing after sitting in a car or in a chair. 

The Internet is, of course, full of home remedies and exercises for treating heel pain. They usually don’t work. Overpriced drugstore and shoe store arch supports don’t help either, even when they are made by fancy digital machines that have lots of lights and dials. It is important to know that heel pain is not a shoe problem, even though shoe salesmen and TV ads are constantly trying to sell expensive “special shoes” to relieve the pain. 

The truth is that heel pain cannot be cured quickly. It can often be compared to a sprain or even back pain, in that resolving it takes time and proper treatment. 

The good news is that in my office we do our best to help get rid of your heel pain as quickly and as effectively as possible using a variety of treatments.

Heel Pain