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Toenail Care

Help for your Problem Toenails

Safe toenail care is not a luxury but a necessity for proper hygiene and foot health. Problem toenails that are thick, hard and discolored can affect anyone. Sometimes they are caused by injury, sometimes by fungus and sometimes they just seem to “run in the family.” Thick toenails can be difficult to care for at home. They may pose a special risk for people with diabetes or poor circulation. As the years pass, many people have difficulty bending easily enough to safely trim their own toenails. Poor vision can make this task even more dangerous.

Often, individuals realize that they shouldn’t risk home nail care but are embarrassed to ask for help. People do not think twice about going to a dental hygienist to get their teeth cleaned, but are reluctant to get the professional care they need to keep their feet healthy. Caregivers who look after elderly parents may actually be aware of the importance of proper toenail care, but don’t know where to go.

We make complete nail care available through our “For Your Feet” nail care service. Patients are cared for by the gentle hands of Dr. Tenney’s assistant Sue. Sue has been working with Dr. Tenney for many years and understands the needs of “sensitive” feet. Her care consists of a soothing whirlpool treatment, complete nail care, and a wonderful foot massage. All of this care is provided in a medically hygienic facility and in an environment that promotes privacy.

Following their session with Sue, patients frequently report that they feel so good, that they “don’t just walk out, they float out.”

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