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Foot Specialist

Dr. William D. Tenney Podiatrist

Warts are truly mysterious. Nobody really knows where they come from. The books will tell you that:

(A) they are caused by a virus 
(B) they are very common 
(C) they most frequently appear on school aged children

A popular belief is that warts are contagious. Patients tell me that they make themselves crazy trying to disinfect their bathtubs and showers in an effort to prevent the spread of the warts to other family members, yet they walk around barefoot in their houses and yards.

Immunity to the virus is probably the most important factor. Direct contact from gym floors, pools, shoes and workout facilities are probably not the culprits.

So how do you treat them? As mysterious as is the cause of warts, some mystery also surrounds the various treatments for warts. Popular treatments can include everything from folklore to Laser, and many of them are discussed on the Internet. There are many over the counter “wart treatments” sold in the drug store for use at home, including the pricey “freezer kits.” They seldom work.

In my office, I make use of several treatment options which will likely be more effective. They may include various high potency chemical topical medications. Laser treatment is also available. The choice of treatment depends upon the location, size and number of the warts.

I will be happy to discuss the specific options most applicable to your needs and of course, do my best to get rid of those pesky warts as quickly as possible.